10 Things About Me — A true story

10 things about me

1. I trained in computer repair, Information Systems Management, utilization of various software packages, programming, literally years of training. So of course I am in I.T. sales where most of this information is painfully outdated and not utilized. I secretly dream of a second career that lets me program or write or both.

2. I married the first girl I ever kissed. She had the locker beside mine, I don’t know what possessed me to talk to her, I was in grade nine and terrified of girls. But I calmly chatted with her. At 14 we were inseparable for a short time. At twenty we didn’t see each other again for about 25 years, and then reconnected.

3. I have a lifelong love of learning. As a younger man I used to take college courses for entertainment. For the last three I became a home owner, and moved in with two very busy young men, and have found learning has had to take a back seat to other things.

4. I love to write, I used to overwhelm my wife with letters, and keeping them down to three thousand words was difficult for me. Often when we courted she would tell me she had not yet read the last letter when a new one arrived. I have toned it down, and either keep letters short, or write her short poems.

5. I enjoy being a father. The kids are my partner’s grandchildren. But I have taken them on as my own. They don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t there. We play Dungeons and Dragons together and they adore it. I have made more simplistic rules and make the focus fun, and of course D&D nights are all about snacks.

6. I struggle with my weight. In the last six months I have lost 20 LBS, but still have a very large stomach. I have the classic beer belly — even though I do not drink beer. Recently swimming has been a big part of my exercise routine, and I try to do it daily.

7. I like to spoil my princess. My wife will mention something little in passing. It may take me quite some time to get it for her. But it will show up, and it will be exactly what she wanted. She has the opposite problem with me. If I want something I buy it. I don’t mention it. And I rarely drop hints. Except for the motorcycle. I whine every time I see a motorcycle in traffic. Show her listings of motorcycles for sale. I’m not subtle. All our friends know I want a motorcycle as well.

8. I like to paint. I was forced into unemployment for a long period and painted daily. I actually made some nice things. I enjoyed it. It helped me not to smoke. I wish I had time for it again. Not the forced unemployment, but the long blocks of free time.

9. I don’t like crowds but adore people. I think my mom really taught me how to take care of people. Make sure they are comfortable, buy them thoughtful things. Get them what they need, not what they want. And make them feel better about themselves. Above all — listen.

10. I love my dog. At 52 I’m living with a dog for the first time in my life. He is four now, and I cannot imagine living without him. Often I walk in the house and no one looks up. But the dog celebrates my arrival. My coming home is an event. Funny even if I just take out the garbage, and come back in, I get a hero’s welcome. I’m not sure who said it — but it was well said: “Be the man that your dog thinks you are”.10 things about me

Writer trapped in the daily grind of an IT Pro, parent to two boys. www.bydavepark.com & Buy me a coffee: ko-fi.com/davepark

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