Photo by KID CANDY from Pexels

A pillar of fire and smoke races across he horizon. A crystal butterfly drops, apparently dead. From the remains grows a crystal tree. Branches reach skyward and shatter. From the remains a crystal butterfly is born.

A falling star briefly ignites the night sky, but no one notices. Tucked inside the meteorite a crystal butterfly gnaws through the remaining rock.

The butterfly rests for a while. Then it flies out over the sea. Mutating to suit the environment, the butterfly plunges into the depths. Slowly it drifts toward the sea bed, transforming into a geodesic ball.

The ball sits on…

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

“John, have you been out to sea today?”

“No I have been mending my nets.”

“John you really should go out you know… in the boat, it would do you a world of good.”

“Damnit! I’ll go out and fish when my nets are repaired. If you don’t hush I’l turn you off again.”

I know John won’t turn me off. Not again. He had to do it last time, he had to. I was malfunctioning.

I hum John’s favorite song as I prepare his favorite meal. John sits quietly at the kitchen table puffing on his pipe. …

Dave Park

Writer trapped in the daily grind of an IT Pro, parent to two boys. & Buy me a coffee:

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