In the sales person’s interactions, so much emphasis is put on customer service. How to build those kinds of relationships that wow and impress. How to deliver delight all day long. How to connect with people via social media, and build that funnel.

What doesn’t get talked about a lot of the time is internal customers. There is a saying in business that nothing happens until a sale is made. This is true, but the sale is just one of many steps in the chain.

The credit card or other payment has to be processed; someone does the other necessary banking. The product has to be manufactured, picked, packaged and shipped. Sometimes it even has to be installed and the customer has to be educated how to use it. Either with a manual or in class instruction.

All these other steps are out of the control of the person who made the sale.

Or are they?

In my sales role, I have learned the importance of internal customers. The people who facilitate my job.

One of the simplest ways to motivate internal customers is to thank them. You ask them to do something that may just be their job function. But a simple “Thanks for taking care of that for me”, goes a long way. People tend to not really remember most interactions. You are given a task, and you complete it. But what if the person, “asks for your help”, instead of assigning a task. Or thanks you? Or even mentions how important it was to you that you were able to accomplish this together.

Often when dealing with internal customers, I will take a moment and interact with the other person. Ask them how there day is going, or mention how what they did affected the company and myself.

Treat your internal customers with at least the same level of wow and delight you would treat your external ones. You will be really surprised just how quickly these people come to your aid when there is an issue to resolve. Or just how eager they will be to assist you with your any of your sales. Ultimately your internal customers represent you as the sales person just as much if not more than you do.

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