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I’m sailing on a hot summer day. The rigging dances in the wind, like a thicker version of her hair, shuffling back and forth across the deck. From her sundeck on the prow she looks back and smiles sweetly.

The hot August sun bakes her back golden brown, in contrast with the stark white deck.

I lean back and relax, getting a firm grip on a laid back mood. I throw the remains of my cigarette out into the ocean She crawls hungrily across the deck and slides over beside me. We both smile the joy of sharing summer sun and life. She pulls the back of my neck. Drawing me toward her pouty half smile. I sigh and shudder ready to….

The dream explodes on the inside of my eyelids, detonated by the harsh monotone of a cheap alarm clock. It shivers across my nightstand, I shiver in tandem and pummel it into silence. I rise from my loving covers and feel the cold seep into my pores.

I look at the alarm clock for sympathy, the clock face doesn’t smile, but it does point to the bus stop a half hour away. I crawl into my clothes and make coffee.

I watch the amoeba like movements of powdered creamer liquifying and growing into a pasty white mass. I stop this new mutation with my spoon. An entire race of creamer dollops conform into an indistinguishable mass of muddy foam. I look over at the alarm clock, it accuses me of wasting ten minutes pondering beverage additive evolution and genocide.

I drink my breakfast warily watching over the rim of my coffee mug for the first signs of the bus far up the street. The second alarm sounds menacingly, telling me I Have ten minutes before my ship comes to sail for a distant land…..

My cigarette burns my fingers, shocking me awake yet again. I grab my coat and run out, pausing only long enough to blow Norma Jean a kiss. From her vantage point on the wall she smiles back, as always.

Writer trapped in the daily grind of an IT Pro, parent to two boys. & Buy me a coffee:

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