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Once upon a time, there was a princess and a prince. Well then they were children. But for a short time they showed each other that being a child wasn’t all about being awkward scared and alone. Sometimes it was magical.
The princess and the prince parted ways, each taking a different path.
The prince thought great adventure was on his path, but on his path was a greater threat.
“Who are you?”, asked the prince.
“I am madness, eater of worlds.” Was the toothy reply.
“Why do they call you eater of…”, but it was too late, the world was gone.
The prince made one last effort, he reached deep into madness and plucked out a seed from its mouth.
“What seed is this”, cried the prince
“hope”, it whispered in his ear.
For 30 years the prince would build a world, and madness would eat it. It never stopped, it would slow, and sometimes it would seem madness was long gone, but then back it came again.
Until one day the prince made a friend. And the prince said “For you see I have this madness, and I cannot live my life”, and his friend said “Come work for me, I know about madness, many have madness few have hope”
And madness stayed away, didn’t come eat the princes world. Years past, the prince forgot what madness looked like, forgot what it was like to have his world eaten.
The prince thought to himself, who, who can I share this with. I haven’t felt so alive since I was a child.
He gazed deep into a reflecting pond and thought to himself. I must see the princess. She remembers when we were children, and shared so much.
The prince clung to his seed of hope and asked the princess to accompany him to dine.
The princess said she would, but someone would have to watch her children, and then guardedly she asked if it was ok that she had these children?
The prince replied “You mean your hope?”

The Beginning

Writer trapped in the daily grind of an IT Pro, parent to two boys. & Buy me a coffee:

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