I hate camping, my wife loves camping. So we compromised, and are going camping.

As a sleeping bag on the ground, is not my thing, we looked at campers. We looked on the classifieds, and then suddenly a flyer came in the mail. Only $20 a week for a camper, we could have the camper of our dreams.

So we piled the family into the oversized mini van we own, when we bought it we bought something capable of pulling a trailer. In fact my wife told me exactly which model she wanted.

So we looked at the $20 a week camper, and then we talked about upgrades, and sat in the camper and absorbed the new camper smell. Then we talked about some more upgrades, and then I had to take a little break and go the washroom.

I made my way back to showroom — no family. The salesperson who had been so helpful, he walked right past me. Where did they go? I went outside, there was my family.

My wife looked at me wide eyed. It’s $20 a week, for 20 years. Like we are smokers, we won’t live that long!

So we went home, dejected and forlorn, we were not getting a trailer, we were relegated to tents for eternity.

Then my wife was poking on the classifieds and found it. A USED trailer, at a fraction of the cost. At the same company. We piled back into the oversized mini van, which my wife assured me was more than capable of pulling a small trailer. Strangely enough that might of been her, I mean our reason for purchasing that particular van.

The USED trailer was a bargain compared to $20 a week for 20 years, and as soon as not it was in our driveway

So USED is a different thing than new. We were happy with our purchase, and set it up in the driveway, soon my wife was cleaning and sorting and filling it with all manner of camping supplies.

The first trip was about to happen. Having never pulled a trailer, I was a bit nervous, but we managed to back that big van up and hook it up. And then it was time to get ready and go. So I raised the jack, slowly lowering the trailer onto the van, and about half way up there was a metal thunk.

A LOUD metal thunk, and the jack had snapped and the thunk was the metal foot hitting the driveway.

So there was much cursing and swearing and shaking of fists, and you know I was upset too. We unloaded the van, back into the house, and cancelled our vacation plans.

So I went to the store and bought a new jack, and bolted it on, and I was a hero, for the time being.

Then there was the next trip, and we loaded up again, filled the van with supplies, and the trailer wouldn’t lower, wiring this time, and a blown fuse.

Then came the fateful day, when we actually pulled the trailer out of the driveway and it trundled and jostled along behind us in a merry way. My wife beamed in the seat beside me, and off we went to the campsite.

We go there, and the switch to raise the trailer broke off in my hand, and by this time it was getting dark and the kids were getting wild. So we abandoned the trailer at the campsite and came home.

I bought a switch, and when we got back to the campsite and our neighbour had hot wired the trailer and raised it. He also told us we needed a new battery.

The trailer was up though, majestically like the little house it is. We had a fire and talked until the wee hours of the morning, and the stars beamed down on us, and we held hands and talked about how good life was.

We had accomplished it, and when I lay down beside my wife, and slept in the camper for the first time, it was comfortable and warm, I nestled in close, and had the best sleep of my life.

Writer trapped in the daily grind of an IT Pro, parent to two boys. www.bydavepark.com & Buy me a coffee: ko-fi.com/davepark

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